1. Advent Term 2023

Advent 1- Me and my community

Our Topic learning this term is all about who we are and the community we live in. In this topic, your child will learn about the school community and building friendships, they will explore the school grounds and find out about all the people in school who are there to help them.

We will discuss how we are all special and unique and how everyone’s family is different. The children will take part in practical activities to support them to build new friendships and explore what makes a good friend. They will also find out about people in the community who help us, including doctors, nurses, and the emergency services.

Knowledge organisers:

EYFS Knowledge Organiser Me And My Community A1

EYFS Knowledge Organiser Exploring Autumn A1

Advent 2: Once upon a time/ Sparkle and Shine

To start our second half term, reception will explore different celebrations that take place in autumn and winter, focusing on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year. They will take part in a variety of creative activities and discover more about how Christmas, Diwali and Hanukkah are celebrated around the world.

Later this term, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of stories. They will listen to a range of traditional tales and have the chance to act out the stories in their play. They will also listen to alternative contemporary stories to see different viewpoints from the characters. They will use the stories to think about how life has changed from when the stories were written. They will also make up their own stories and make masks, props and puppets to act out their stories.

EYFS Knowledge Organiser Sparkle And Shine A2

EYFS Knowledge Organiser Once Upon A Time A2