At St Mary’s we offer the choice of two languages being taught so that when the children leave primary school they will have the benefit of being introduced to two languages.

We offer Spanish at Year 3 and 4, whilst we offer French at Year 5 and 6. After speaking to our local feeder schools, we decided to teach these languages as these are both offered to the children in Year 7.

We believe when our Year 6 children leave school, they will have experienced two languages giving them a good insight into both languages. We believe by learning two languages and cultures is extremely important, as this will broaden their understanding of the world, other people and different cultures.

We currently use a wonderful programme ‘La Jolie Ronde’ which is an award-winning programme used by many schools to support the teaching of French and Spanish.

Our lessons use a variety of resources that promote the use of rich vocabulary. We make our weekly lessons fun, exciting and creative and our children look forward to learning new things in their lessons. We provide opportunities for children to participate in role play to support their learning. With this in mind we believe all children will be able to progress with their speaking, listening and writing skills. We use interesting, and exciting resources such as games and rhymes. It is hoped the skills gained by all children will provide them with a good foundation in MFL as they continue their learning at their chosen secondary school.