Synod 2021-2024

Synod 2021-2024

In October 2021, Pope Francis launched a Synod of the whole Church, in which he asked that everyone in the Church listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, dreaming and thinking of the type of Church we wish to be a part of.

An extract from Bishop Patrick’s Pastoral Letter for the children of our Diocese:

Today, I really want to listen to you! I want to hear all about what you think and what you feel about being part of God’s family. As His children you are loved and cherished by Him, so it is very important that we listen to you. I’d love to know, most of all, what your dream is for God’s Church. How would you like it to look? What do you like about God’s Church? What would make it better? Who would you like to invite to church? You can share this dream in a poem or a picture or a story if you like.

Please find Bishop Patrick’s full letter to primary pupils attached below.

Pastoral Letter – Primary Pupils – 2nd November 2021

The Synod Prayer

Saint Mary’s and the Synod

In October 2024, two of our pupils joined Mrs Allan along with a teacher and two pupils from Saint Norbert’s in Spalding on a journey to Lincoln for our Our Lady of Lourdes Multi-Academy Trust’s own Synod. Once there, they met with pupils and staff from across our Trust and engaged in both opportunities for discussion and contemplation. Our pupils were excellent and gave some thought-provoking responses to the questions that were put to them.

Following on from our Trust Synod, we were asked to commit to one concrete action that we, as as a school community, would pledge to carry out in response to our discussions and the feedback from these. At Saint Mary’s, we have chosen to focus on the theme of community and will be introducing a coffee morning style drop in session once a month for parents and parishioners to attend. We have named this ‘Together on Tuesdays’ and the first of these will take place in June 2024.