Our Mission Statement

We love, we learn, we grow;

walking with faith in the light of the Lord

Values and Virtues

Our Gospel Values

To achieve our full Christian potential, we all need to live out the Gospel Values:

A Christ-like love respects the talents of each person in our school

Hope helps us to see a new life beyond our present one

We should show God’s truth in all we do

We all know that if we love one another, peace will be all around us

We believe that mercy will be shown by the way we forgive others


We have chosen six virtues which we explore across the academic year.  These virtues have been chosen with staff and pupils. Our virtues include:







Our virtues have been chosen to reflect the time of year for our children. We have ‘respect and kindness’ at the beginning of the year when we are setting out our expectations for the new academic year, courage and charity during the season of Lent, perseverance and compassion during SATs preparation!

Our children in school have designed logos for each of our virtues. These are proudly displayed in the school hall for all to see.

Each half term we begin with a celebration of the word which introduces, explores and discusses the new virtue. This is linked to scripture in the Bible and shared during our Celebration of the Word.

As a school we have designed Virtue door posters which we display around school to remind us of our new virtue each half term.