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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Athletics Plate Final

Boston St Mary's came second in the Plate Final.

On Friday 24th January, some of  Boston St Mary's Year five and Six pupils returned to Peter Paine Sports Centre to take part in the Athletics Plate Final. An account of the morning from Miss Laura Brown follows.

On Friday two groups of children, some from year five and some from year six went to the Peter Paine Sports Centre.  We took part against six other schools, the events that took place were:- Relay, over and under, hurdles, six paralauf.  The field events were:- Long jump, vertical jump, chest push, standing long jump, triple jump, speed bounce and javelin.  Each person had at least two races and some had as many as four.  We were very busy as track and field were going on at the same time, just different rounds for boys and girls.  We were very supportive to our team making lots of noise cheering. We all tried our best averaging around fourth place in most track events. 

 "It was really nerve racking especially when you were racing against someone you knew, one competitor was my next door neighbour." Laura said.

We were supported by some parents of our team, which was very nice to see.  Towards the end we were not sure how we had done. 

We all sat in our teams together in the middle of the hall.  The local MP Mark Simmons gave an interesting speech about how well we had done and how well we participated.  He was impressed with our hard work and how well Adam had organised the event.  We gave him a round of applause for his speech.  The winning announcement was made in reverse order. When they reached fourth place and it was not us we began to get excited. Third place came and it was not us either. We came in second place and were really happy only losing out by two points. We were really amazed with ourselves.

Proud staff also accompanied the team bringing home a trophy for the school.

The morning was enjoyed by everyone and the organisation through the sports events program was spot on.