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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

What have we been up to?

Some Boston High School students visited to teach us about oral health.

Captain Sparkle told us we should clean our teeth twice a day. 

We are thinking about our senses.

Which of our senses are we using in these pictures?


Some children were very brave and explored their sense of touch using feet instead of fingers.


We have explored the sense of smell. Can you name some of the things that we have been smelling?

Friday Afternoon Fun

On Friday afternoon the Frogs enjoyed reading comics...

playing with plasicine....

and dressing up!

Aleks wondered whether girls were the fastest runners in year 1? 13 members of the class predicted that they were and 13 members predicted that they were not. We conducted an experiment to find out the answer. Everyone had to run a certain distance and be timed. Mr Cooper's helpers were Lacey, Rebekah, Sam and Hemish.

Who do you think was fastest?