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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Week beginning 6.7.2020

Y4 week 13 Remote Learning

‘Road Trip USA!’

The expectation is that KS2 pupils complete 5 hours of learning daily.

Weekly Maths Tasks

                   Weekly Spelling Tasks                    (Complete 1 per day)

  • Complete the daily mental maths  questions and maths lesson. These can  be found by clicking on the ‘Maths’ tab. 



This week’s spelling activities focus on more words with the suffix ‘-ous’. However, these words don’t have a definitive root word. Each root word doesn’t make sense on its own. So, although the root word of hideous is hide, which is a word, the meanings of hide and hideous are very different.

The activities are dated. For the first one, read the powerpoint and poster. Then pick 4 of the words and write each one in a sentence that makes sense. Use the pictures to help with this and use a dictionary if you are unsure about the meaning of any of the words. The activity for 9.7.20 is a crossword and you may need a dictionary for this activity too.       

Reading tasks

                     Weekly Writing Tasks                     (Complete 1 per day)

Spend about 15 minutes reading. There are lots of free e-books to read. Use the links on the next page. 

  • Following this, summarise the events from the chapter. You could bullet point what happened or create a comic strip.
  • If you have read a non-fiction text, create a glossary of technical terms. 
  • Write a book review about a book you have read.
  • Write a new and exciting blurb for your book.
  • Design a new front cover for a book.  


  • Choose a poetry book, learn some rhymes so that you can amaze your family.
  • Write a recommendation for a friend. Who would enjoy the book? Someone older, someone younger or someone the same age. Why would they enjoy it? How many stars does it score out of five?   

Day 1: In the USA, the people elect a president to lead the country and make important decisions. They don’t have a King or Queen like the UK. Complete some research about a US president. Do you know who is the current president? You can find out some facts about him or a past president. Here are some useful links:



There are also some factsheets to download about the first president, George Washington, and two others: Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Once you have decided which president you want to write about, make some notes as bullet points or a mind-map.

Day 2: Write a report about the president you researched yesterday. There is a report template to download. You don’t have to use it. Add a picture and fun fact.

Days 3, 4 and 5. Complete the booklet about pronouns. Pronouns take the place of a noun in a sentence. Use this link to find out more:


Day 3: Complete ‘Pronoun hunt’ and ‘Priscilla pronoun 1’;

Day 4: Complete ‘Priscilla pronoun 2’ and ‘What’s missing?’

Day 5: Complete ‘Replace the noun’ and ‘Nathan noun’.



Learning Project - To be completed throughout the week


Here is an overview of tasks I’d like the Year 4 children to be completing at home over the next week.

These links give you access to a range of reading resources:


 Reading comprehension

 Download and try the reading comprehension activity about four famous American sports heroes. Pick the 1* or 2* information and questions, and only print the pages you need. 


 Journey sticks

Make a journey stick to reflect your imaginary ‘road trip’. Find a stick about 50 cm long and decide what images and words you could attach to it to tell the story. Find suitable images on the web and print them out. Punch a hole in them. Attach them to the stick with string or coloured wool. Decorations such as feathers and beads could also be added. There is a photo of some instructions on the topic learning page, and a short powerpoint to download.


 Our links with the USA

In the year 1620, one hundred religious people from England called Puritans boarded a boat called   the ‘Mayflower’ and set sail for the New World. These people were the Pilgrim Fathers and some of them came from Lincolnshire. They arrived in America and started a new life there. In 1630, they built a town and port and named it Boston after our own town. The following activities are about Lincolnshire. They can be found in a booklet called ‘Amazing Lincolnshire’. The booklet can be downloaded. It is quite long, 41 pages, and I would like you to look at the range of activities linked to chickens and eggs. They can be found on pages 19 to 33. There is some history, reading comprehension, maths, science and a design & technology challenge.  

There is a link on page 21 to a short film about a farmer who has hundreds of hens:

Next week, we will be finding out about food chains, trees and folklore.   



Remember to stay active and get outside if it’s not raining. Here are the links from Boston United:

  Community Foundation: 

  Community Foundation YouTube:

  United Cheer Team:


  Why not try Strictly Home Dancing – Primary Dance Virtual Festival? This isn’t a competition, just a chance for children to create a routine based upon some starter moves (in the pack) from dances throughout the decades. Download the information from the topic page.



  This week we are finding out about CAFOD’s Summer of Hope. There are three resources to download: A home learning projects and ideas sheet, a drawing activity, and a reflection based on the Beatitudes.