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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Week beginning 22.6.2020

Y4 week 11 Remote Learning

‘Road Trip USA!’

The expectation is that KS2 pupils complete 5 hours of learning daily.

Weekly Maths Tasks

                 Weekly Spelling Tasks                    (Complete 1 per day)

  • Complete the daily mental maths  questions and maths lesson. These can  be found by clicking on the ‘Maths’ tab. 


  • This week use the week 11 spelling booklet. It can be found under the ‘English’ tab.  There are a variety of activities to complete.  



   Weekly Reading Tasks     (Complete 1 per day)

                  Weekly Writing Tasks                    (Complete 1 per day)

Spend about 15 minutes reading. There are lots of free e-books to read. Use the links on the next page. 

  • Following this, summarise the events from the chapter. You could bullet point what happened or create a comic strip.
  • If you have read a non-fiction text, create a glossary of technical terms. 
  • Write a book review about a book you have read.
  • Write a new and exciting blurb for your book. 


  • Design a new front cover for a book.  
  • Choose a poetry book, learn some rhymes so that you can amaze your family.
  • Write a recommendation for a friend. Who would enjoy the book? Someone older, someone younger or someone the same age. Why would they enjoy it? How many stars does it score out of five?   
  • Use the research you completed last week about the Iroquois Native Americans to plan a fact file. There is a fact file template for you to download and use if you would like to. Plan your heading and sub-headings, print-off or draw some pictures or a map to include. Decide which facts you are going to include.
  • Complete your fact file today. How will you make your heading easy to read? Will you use bubble writing, bold print or capital letters? Include paragraphs about different aspects of Iroquois life. Can you add your pictures, maps and a fact box?
  • Read some traditional Native American legends from different tribes. You can find the story of the Navajo Spider Woman on the English page. Use this link for others: I enjoyed reading how Bear lost his tail. Poor old bear! Pick a favourite legend or myth to re-tell tomorrow as a storyboard. Print out the legend that you have chosen. Why do you like it?
  • Re-tell the legend or myth that you have chosen in the form of a storyboard. Add pictures, captions, speech and sound bubbles. You can download a template to use if you want to.  
  • Write a legend of your own based on themes in Native American culture. How about telling the legend of: The Son of ThunderThe Bear GirlThe Buffalo and the MouseThe Sun and the Moon; or The Tale of the Ferocious Wind. If you prefer, you can think of your own title and theme.



Learning Project - To be completed throughout the week


Here is an overview of tasks I’d like the Year 4 children to be completing at home over the next week.

These links give you access to a range of reading resources:


Look at the photos of statements about Native Americans on the ‘topic learning’ page. Pick five and use the internet to decide whether the statements are fact or fiction. Can you find and record some facts that have helped you to decide if the statements you have chosen are true or false? Not everything we read on the internet is actually true. Sometimes, it is just someone’s opinion and a different person will think something different. Some people around the world might think that all English people drink tea and eat cake at 4 o’clock but this is a stereotype, and we have to be careful that we don’t think that all Native American tribes are the same.

Design & Technology: Weaving

 Read the legend of the Navajo Spider Woman. Weaving was a useful skill practised by  women in most tribes. They made baskets to carry and store food and water. Many different materials were used, including things that could be gathered locally, such as cotton, grasses, wooden splints, bark strips and horsehair. You can find some weaving activities to try by clicking on the topic learning tab.


There is a summer art activity for you to try. Download the activity and find out about the American   artist Andy Warhol. 


Watch video clips and listen to recordings of traditional Native American music. Close their eyes and imagine which instruments are being played. Music and dance were important parts of the Native American culture with songs sung at important religious rituals as well as being part of everyday life. They believed that music was the language of the spirit. Here are some links:

Music of the Sioux people:

Iroquois music:

Native American music:



Remember to stay active and get outside if it’s not raining. Here are the links from Boston United:

Community Foundation: 

Community Foundation YouTube:

United Cheer Team:




This week we are finding out about the feast of Corpus Christi. There are a range of resources to  download, including some colouring, a reflection, a global plate activity and some possible research  projects.