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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Week beginning 1.6.2020

Y4 week 8 Remote Learning

‘Road Trip USA!’

The expectation is that KS2 pupils complete 5 hours of learning daily.

Weekly Maths Tasks

Weekly Spelling Tasks  (Complete 1 per day) 

Essential – please complete these everyday: 

  • Complete the daily arithmetic questions and maths lesson. These can also be found by clicking on the ‘Maths’ tab. 



  • This week, continue to use the spelling booklet that you downloaded before the half-term break. If you need another copy, it can be found under the ‘English’ tab.
  • Hopefully, you have completed five of the ten spelling activities. Pick and complete one of the remaining activities each day.     


Weekly Reading Tasks     (Complete 1 per day)

Weekly Writing Tasks   (Complete 1 per day)

Spend about 15 minutes reading. There are lots of free e-books to read. Use the links on the next page. 

  • Following this, summarise the events from the chapter. You could bullet point what happened or create a comic strip.
  • If you have read a non-fiction text, create a glossary of technical terms. 
  • Write a book review about a book you have read.
  • Write a new and exciting blurb for your book.
  • Design a new front cover for a book.  
  • Choose a poetry book, learn some rhymes so that you can amaze your family.
  • Write a recommendation for a friend. Who would enjoy the book? Someone older, someone younger or someone the same age. Why would they enjoy it? How many stars does it score out of five?   
  • What do you know about the USA already? Read the ‘About the USA’ powerpoint and  complete some research. Make some notes as bullet points or a mind-map.
  • Plan a road trip around the USA. Look at the ‘Planning a road trip’ powerpoint and the notes you made yesterday. There is also a powerpoint about the different states which might be of help too. Identify six places you would like to visit. Mark them on the blank map provided and add a key.
  • Today, find out about New York City. Are you hoping to visit on your road trip? Here is a useful link:  Make some notes about the largest city in the USA.
  • Get ready to write a postcard about visiting New York. Read the powerpoint called ‘About postcards’. Then draft six sentences about an imaginary trip to the Big Apple (New York’s nickname). Proof-read your sentences. Check they make sense and look carefully at your spelling.
  • Finally, complete your postcard. A postcard template can be found amongst the English resources. Copy out your draft sentences. You could add a picture, and draw an American stamp to cover the British stamp on the template. 



Learning Project - To be completed throughout the week

Here is an overview of tasks I’d like the Year 4 children to be completing at home over the next week.

These links give you access to a range of reading resources:

You and your family can still access a range of free online library resources using your library card number and PIN including ebooks, eaudiobooks, emagazines and emusic. You can also get free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica Junior to help with your home schooling projects. Visit and choose from the online resources menu on the right of the page.  

If you are not already a member of the library you can join online at and get a temporary membership number and PIN that will give you access to all their fabulous resources.


Write a program to move a ‘tourist’ character around the map of New York visiting some places of interest. There is a photo of the map of New York on the topic learning page, and use the powerpoint: New York Tourist Program. All the instructions are on the powerpoint.  



Try some of the music activities on the Lincolnshire Music Service website: 



Read about the American Bison and answer the questions. Use the 1* or 2* sheet. There may be a mistake in the last paragraph where it says that bison live in preserves. It should read ‘reserves’.



Remember to stay active and get outside if it’s not raining. Here are the links from Boston United:

  Community Foundation: 

  Community Foundation     YouTube:

  United Cheer Team:


 Or try out some orienteering. Watch this video from Discovery Sport:


From 25th May to 5th June May why not try the Virtual School Games tennis volley challenge and compete against other pupils from across Lincolnshire. Download the information by clicking on the ‘topic learning’ tab.



Read the story about the lost sheep in the Bible, see Luke chapter 15. There is a version under the ‘topic learning’ tab. 

  • Did it surprise you that the shepherd would go to find the one lost sheep?
  • When are the times you might see yourself as the lost sheep?
  • What does this story tell you about God?

Create a storyboard version of the story. Add captions to accompany each picture, and sound or thought bubbles. Can you explain why the shepherd would bother to find one lost sheep? Can you make a link between this story and what Christians believe about Jesus? How do you think Jesus is like the shepherd? Add your thoughts at the end of your comic strip. There is a blank storyboard for you to use under the ‘RE learning’ tab. There are several different versions, some with room for more pictures so just print the one you prefer.