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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Week 12 - Beginning 29.06.20


Learning Project

Y6 -  WEEK 12


The expectations are that KS2 complete 5 hours of learning daily and KS1 complete 3 hours daily

Weekly Maths Tasks

Weekly Reading Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

Essential - Complete these everyday

  • Complete daily Arithmetic problems, located under ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.
  • Complete the Maths resources located under ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.


  • Play on Hit the Button - Focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers.
  • Practice writing out your times tables on a piece of paper – rehearse them afterwards.  
  • Working on Times Table Rockstars. If your child works on Numbots in school they can access this with the same login – this log on is located inside the front cover of your Remote Learning book.
  • Log onto Education City and complete tasks set by your teacher – you will also find this log on inside the front cover of your Remote Learning book.
  • Read a chapter from your home reading book or a book that you have borrowed from the library.
  • Following this, summarise the events from the chapter. You could bullet point what happened, create a comic strip or present the information in your own creative way.
  • Whilst you are doing this, note down any unfamiliar words from the chapter that you have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary, reading around the sentence or using print conventions.
  • Read something around the house that isn’t a book- you can then complete your reading diary following this.
  • Once you have read your book, take a quiz on Accelerated Reader!

Weekly Spelling Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

Weekly Writing Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

  • Practise the Year 5/ 6 Common Exception Words – See list stuck inside of your Remote Learning book.
  • Choose 5 Common Exception words. Write a synonym, antonym, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.
  • Proofread your writing from the day. You can use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that you found challenging. This will also you to check that the meaning of the word is suitable for the sentence.
  • Choose 5 of the Year 5/6 words. Create an acronym for each of these words

because – big elephants can always understand small elephants





Monday: Design a healthy and nutritious meal - Draw an image of your meal, listing the ingredients and explain the choices you have made. Remember to look back on your healthy eating facts and use these to support your design.

Tuesday: Write a set of instructions for how to make your meal. This week I would like you to focus on the language needed in recipes and what effect this has on your reader. Remember to include imperative (bossy) verbs, modal verbs (should, must, could etc.) and time connectives.

Wednesday: Make your healthy meal. If you don’t have the ingredients - you could always design your own persuasive poster advertising your meal. Remember to include rhetorical questions, a catchy slogan and name e.g. Do you need a kick to start your day? Are you suffering from tiredness?

Thursday: Create a glossary for this vocabulary: fertiliser, germination, harvest, nurture, organic, propagator, sapling, stamen, style and stigma.

Friday: Complete the Reading Comprehension in the English folder under Week 12.



Cut in to an item of fruit or a vegetable. Sketch the inside of item ensuring you capture all the fine details. If you want to, you could also dip the item in to paint and press it against paper. I look forward to seeing your fantastic art work.


Research the process of photosynthesis and how this contributes to the growth of plants. There are lots of videos on BBC bitesize and Youtube. Once you have done this create a PowerPoint to showcase everything you have learnt.


Research 5 plants that grow in the continent of Africa. You could draw an image of each plant and mindmap around the image. You could include facts about that plant and why it grows in Africa specifically.


Complete Joe Wicks daily @ 9am!