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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Week 11 - Beginning 22.06.20

Learning Project  - WEEK 11 - Under the Sea - EYFS

The expectations are that KS2 complete 5 hours of learning daily and KS1 complete 3 hours daily

Weekly Maths Tasks

Weekly Reading Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

EssentialComplete these everyday

  • Complete the Maths resources located under ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.
  • Count up to 10 and back to 0

(Extension count to 20 and back to 0)


  • Watch an episode of Numberblocks.

Find the link in EYFS links and resources tab.

Can you talk about what happened in the episode? What was the focus?

  • Log onto Education City and complete tasks set by your teacher – you will also find this log on inside the front cover of your Remote Learning book.
  • Complete a White Rose Maths Activity
  • Choose a number and see how many times you can make it/ show it using items at home 1-10 then 1-20.
  • Read a book

Following this, talk about what happened?

Who were the main characters?

How were they feeling?

  • Whilst you are doing this, talk about any unfamiliar words from the book that you have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary and talking to your adult.
  • Could you make up some actions to your story so you can remember it? How do we start our story actions…?” Once upon a time”
  • Read something around the house that isn’t a book – what sounds can you see, can you decode and blend them to read them?
  • Write a book review about the book/books you have read. What did you like/ dislike?

Weekly Phonics tasks (Complete 1 per day)

Weekly Writing Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

Essential - Complete these everyday

  • Watch the Ruth Miskin Phonics Training videos. Links found under the Remote Learning tab on the school website.

To practise your set 1 and then set 2 sounds.

  • Complete a page in your phonics booklet.


  • Read Green words
  • Read Tricky Red words – Can you make a short sentence with them?
  • Go on a sound hunt around your house choosing one sound to focus on.
  • Complete a game on the Phonics Bloom and Phonics Play interactive activities. Links can be found under the ‘Remote Learning’ tab on the school website.
  • Complete a Tix Task
  • Can you write a diary page in your Remote learning book? Start your writing with the date and then “Today I have…”
  • Read the ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and complete one of the writing tasks for the day.
  • Can you write your name and then practise each letter of your name?
  • Can you help write a shopping list of things you need? Can you help plan a meal and the ingredients you need?
  • Label everyday items in your house, using your Fred talking: for example the b..i...n, c..u..p. How many things can you label
  • Choose a sound, how many things can you write down that start with that sound?

For example: ‘a’ apple, ant, arm, art.