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This week we will be focusing on measurement. We will revisit how to measure accurately using a ruler before moving on to comparing measurements, adding and subtraction measurements, finding the perimeter of 2d shapes and solving measurement word problems. 

Units of measurements: Length

  • Millimetres (mm) is a measurement used for very small things
  • Centimetres (cm) is a measurement used for slightly larger things, such as a glue stick or a book.
  • Metres (m) is a measurement used for larger things such as the whiteboard or the bookcase

Measuring with a ruler:


Rules for using a ruler:

 Comparing  Measurements and converting:

Can you remember the symbols we use when comparing?Yo


You can watch the following video which introduces these symbols by clicking on the link here 

Adding and subtracting measurements

We will use column method to add and subtract measurements. Lets revisit the steps for using column method:


Finding the Perimeter:

Do you know what the perimeter is?

We will be finding the perimeter of 2d shapes, use the following link to watch a short video about finding perimeter by clicking the link here.


You can find a variety of activities on Education City which supports your learning on Measurement this week. Please have a go at these activities:

If you need help logging into Education city please let us know and we will be happy to help.