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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Week 10: Beginning 15.6.20



Learning Project


Moon Zoom – Y1

The expectations are that KS2 complete 5 hours of learning daily and KS1 complete 3 hours daily

Weekly Maths Tasks

Weekly Reading Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

Essential - Complete these everyday

  • Complete 10 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. Logins are available through the Wonde login in the front of Remote Learning Books.
  • Complete the Maths resources located under ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.



  • Play on Hit the Button -  Focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers.
  • Log onto Education City and complete tasks set by your teacher – you will also find this log on inside the front cover of your Remote Learning book.
  • Read a book from your collection at home or a book that you have borrowed from the library.
  • Summarise what key events have occurred within the book using a bullet-point list. Discuss these events with an adult and what they may mean for the next part of the story.
  • Complete the Reading Comprehension resources located under the ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.
  • Note down any unfamiliar words from books you have read over the course of week, using a dictionary to discover their meaning with an adult.


Weekly Spelling & Phonics Tasks

Weekly Writing Tasks (Complete 1 per day)

Essential – Complete these everyday:

  • Complete one of the daily Phonics tasks attached under ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.
  • Watch the Ruth Miskin Phonics Training videos. Links found under the Remote Learning tab on the school website.




  • Complete the weekly spelling sheet attached under the ‘Remote Learning’ on the school website.
  • Complete 30 minutes on the Phonics Bloom and Phonics Play interactive activities. Links can be found under the ‘Remote Learning’ tab on the school website.


  • EDIT: Re-read sentences for your newspaper article from last week to ensure that they make sense, as well as checking spellings. Are there any improvements that can be made to your work?
  • Mr Smith has heard rumours that there are several alien planets deep in Space waiting to be discovered.
    Draw a picture of your own alien planet, providing a written description of what it would look like to passing rockets. Consider giving it a name.
  • Mr Smith is receiving a visit from an alien ambassador next week. He has to cook a meal for their family. Write a set of instructions for a meal that Mr Smith could cook for them.
  • Aliens are visiting Boston for a secret conference with the Boston Space Agency. Mr Smith has been tasked to produce a poster all about Boston.
    Research facts about Boston and create a poster advertising Boston and things to do whilst the aliens visit.


Learning Project - To be completed throughout the week

Here is an overview of tasks I’d like the Year 1 children to be completing at home over the next 2 weeks.



Space – full of limited possibilities! Mr Smith has been working with the Boston Space Association to look beyond our solar system.
Design a planet, using either coloured pencils or paints that our astronauts may see!



Space X have recently helped NASA launch a new rocket to the International Space Station! As a new engineer for Space X, you have been tasked to design a rocket to go to the moon.
What would this look like? What might the rocket need? Create a prototype once you have made your plan.



Take part in the daily Joe Wicks School Gym Workout at home, potentially with your family. These are uploaded daily to Joe’s Youtube channel – link can be found under the ‘Remote Learning’ tab on the school website.



Investigate the Moon Landing. Who was involved in the moon landing? How did they get to the moon? What did they do when they got there?
Consider watching a video of the rocket launch and footage from moon walks.



Research the planets of the solar system. How many planets are in the solar system? What is one interesting fact about each planet?



Using the interactive resource available, considering the impact of Good and Bad choices. Using the interactive resource, identify the positive choice and discuss why this is the good choice and how this could improve the situation.