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Topic Learning


Research Vincent Van Gogh – Create a fact file about his life and his artwork. If you want to, you could attempt to recreate his painting ‘The Sunflower’ – I would love to see your artwork!


Carry out your own ‘cress growing’ experiment at home. Place your cress seeds in 4 different places around your house. Predict where you think the cress will grow the fastest? Slowest?

Write a method and then a conclusion once you have carried out your experiment. Once you have finished with your experiment you could eat your cress on a delicious salad.


Create a PowerPoint about the journey of a Banana. We briefly learnt about this earlier on in the year during our Fair Trade afternoon. It would be lovely to see some of your PowerPoints.


Complete Joe Wicks @9am on Youtube.

Go for a family walk – collect a range of different items (leaves, stones, branches, twigs) and create your own masterpiece in your garden.