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Topic Learning


Take a look in your garden or take photos on a socially distanced walk; sketch a scene and try to identify some of the different plants/trees you came across. Have you noticed which plants attract certain animals or creatures?


Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining what plants need in order to grow and survive. There are lots of website links that may help you – such as BBC Bitesize and there are also lots of child-friendly videos on YouTube. If you prefer, you could use your research to make a poster on paper – just remember to make it look beautiful.


Research 10 pieces of fruit/ vegetables and identify their country of origin on a map. You could colour code the areas by creating a key. I have attached a map tp use in the Topic resources under week 11.


Research ‘seed dispersal’ and create a fact file. It’s up to you how you present this, it could be in the form of: poster, leaflet, PicCollage or PowerPoint etc.


Complete Joe Wicks daily @ 9am!