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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Topic 3 - Playlist (Lent 1)

Music has the power to change our emotions, make us think and inspire us to dance! Why not talk at home about music that was popular when each person was younger? You could also watch performances online together and think about how the music makes you feel. Alternatively, you could work together to learn a song by heart. Can you sing it without making any mistakes?

Our Playlist topic is all about music, bands, choirs and instruments. Here are some key words: 

pinna                         ear drum (tympanic membrane)                     ear canal

cochlea                     ossicles                   anvil, hammer and stirrup            vibrations 

sound insulation     instrument             trumpet             guitar               woodwind

brass                         strings                     percussion         flute                  xylophone

decibels                    tempo                     pitch                   volume             rhythm 

orchestra                  choir

 Ask an adult or look in a dictionary if you don't know what any of them mean.     

Music from Around the World

We have been listening to different types of music from around the world and locating the places on world maps. We have heard Bagpipes from Scotland, Yodeling from Switzerland, Jazz from America, Han from China, Raga from India and Flamenco from Spain. We then researched musical traditions from other places around the world in groups using iPads.