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Research the different soil types and create a fact sheet / poster /powerpoint presentation. Display your findings however you prefer – just make sure they are interesting and eye catching. Please see example fact sheet attached.

I’d love to see some of your fantastic findings- you could either email me – or tweet us @year5bsm / @bostonstmarys


On a walk or from your garden, collect any fallen leaves and look at the patterns on the leaves. Pick some of your favourite patterned leaves and create a collage of leaf rubbings. Instructions for leaf rubbing can be found attached – if you don’t have wax crayons then this should still work with pencils.


Please access one of the links below and complete the workout / dance. I’d love to see some of your fantastic moves! – Oti Mabuse – Joe Wicks

I know some dance schools or gyms are doing online dance/gym classes.


What do plants need to grow? Create a poster explaining exactly what it is that plants need in order to grow. If you want to challenge yourself- why is it that plants need these things?


Design your own machine for planting crops. Think about how you are going to make sure the plant goes in the ground, receives sunlight, receives water and doesn’t get blown over. I look forward to seeing your fantastic creations!