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As we continue our topic - Allotment, there are lots of interesting subjects involved. Please see the tasks below and don't forget to send me some of your fantastic work!


Have a look at some of the packaging of fruits and vegetables in your house. Where have these come from? How do you think the food arrives to your table? Using the sheets attached on the topic resources page (see below)- ‘journey of food’ and complete two of the journey sheets. I have an attached an example journey of bananas to help guide you.

I’d love to see some of your fantastic findings- you could either email me – or tweet us @year5bsm / @bostonstmarys


Cut in to an item of fruit or a vegetable. Create an observational drawing of this close up to show the fine details – i.e seeds in fruits. It is up to you to decide what materials you would like to use and what is available to you. You could send these to me and we could play a game of guess the fruit on our class Twitter.


Please access one of the links below and complete the workout / dance. I’d love to see some of your fantastic moves! – Oti Mabuse – Joe Wicks


Choose a pollinator and research its life cycle. What is a pollinator? Draw a diagram to illustrate the lifecycle using the correct scientific vocabulary. You can display this using Powerpoint / Word etc. or on paper. I’d love to see your diagrams!


Take photos of the steps you needed to complete to make your recipe. Order these steps by putting one image per Powerpoint slide with text to describe the method. Consider adding transitions to your slides to make them more interesting.