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Art and Design

Create a logo for your own theme park. You may wish to look at Logos for existing theme parks. Consider their colours, images and what message they give to potential customers.



Select 10 UK theme parks and locate them on a map of the UK. Discuss how far you think they are from Boston and why the theme parks are in these locations. A blank map of the UK can be found at the bottom of this page.



Choose one of the Joe Wicks videos or a dance tutorial from Oti Mabuse (both can be found on Youtube), I’d love to see videos of you doing this!



Create a scientific glossary of terms for our Scream machine topic. You need to include 10 words with definitions (levers, pulleys, gears, gravity etc.)



Create a radio jingle for your theme park. You may wish to research what a jingle is and what impact it has on the listener. You could record this on an iPad/phone and send this to my email – I’d love to hear your jingles!