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Thursday 3rd December 2020


LO: To create a model of the digestive system.


Using junk modelling materials (recycled boxes, milk cartons etc.) have a go at creating your very own model of the digestive system. You will want to research the digestive system first before creating your models. If you don't have access to modelling materials, you could create a powerpoint to describe the digestive system and how it works.

I look forward to seeing your fantastic creations!


Friday 4th December 2020


LO: Design and plan a healthy three course meal.

Think about what you have learnt about so far this term. Which foods are good/ bad for your teeth? Which substances are good / bad for the digestive system? Create a persuasive menu to promote your meals. You could do this on paper, powerpoint or  publisher. 

Why not have a go at preparing one of your meals at home?