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This week is:

Children's Mental Health Week

and it is also

National Story Telling week!


We think these are a perfect fit to think about and learn about together. 

Reading and story telling is a huge part of our EYFS day-to-day learning and it can help develop understanding and be a way to explore emotions and develop our social skills. 


Monday: We are going to be creating our own 'story sack' to transport ourselves and become story tellers. Hold on tight, who knows where we will end up! But we do know how it will begin "Once upon a time..."


Tuesday: P.E. - Our P.E. session this week will be focusing on our mental health as well as our physical health.


Wednesday: In EYFS we believe in the 'Power of Yet', we will be thinking about how we should not say we cannot do something, we just cannot do it...YET!


Friday: We will continue to focus on our wellbeing and we will be thinking about the word 'float', we also have a challenge with Concept Carrot and the Gingerbread Man!