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Understanding Our World

Write in your Bean Diary (Each week – long term project as it grows)

Please send us your bean’s progress on Tapestry, we would love to see how they are growing.

Is your bean growing? What has happened so far?

Can you draw and label a picture of it?

Can you go on a scavenger hunt? Use the template to tell you what to look for.


Go on a nature hunt, can you draw the things you find?

Could you draw things you find in your garden? Flowers,? Plants? Bugs and insects?

You could make a collage with the things you find or a picture.



We used to enjoy our singalongs in EYFS in our golden time! Follow the links to have a really good dance and sing along:

George Ezra – Shotgun

Our EYFS bubble has really been enjoying dancing along to Go Noodle, can you have a go at following the videos?

‘All I eat is pizza’ –

‘Milkshake’ -

‘Trolls: Can’t stop the feeling -


Can you design and make a party hat to celebrate your last day of reception. What will you draw on it? Could you have a little tea party with your adults and teddies? Maybe you could make them a hat too!

Could you help make the food for your little party? What do you need to make a sandwich? How many slices of bread?


Relax and unwind with some yoga from Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids -

Take part in the daily Joe Wicks School Gym Workout at home, why not see if your adults and siblings will join in

Could you make up your own game to raise your heart rate?



Look back at your Tapestry pictures and pictures of you before you went to school.

What do you notice?

Do you look different?

Can you take a photo of yourself this week to keep to look back on?


On your scavenger hunt? Could you take a picture of the things you find?

Could you take a photo yourself to upload to Tapestry of something that made you smile this week?

Can you use the emojis to log into Wonde and Education City yourself?