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Understanding Our World

Write in your Bean Diary (Each week – long term project as it grows)

Please send us your bean’s progress on Tapestry, we would love to see how they are growing.

Is your bean growing? What has happened so far?

Can you draw and label a picture of it?

Can you research about whales? How heavy is a whale? What do whales eat? What else can you find out about them?

What sort of weather did we see in the story? Can you talk about it and make a weather story map?


Look at the Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, what do you notice? What colours can you see?

Can you try and re-create one of the paintings or can you create your own painting using swirls and colours that will show the night and water?


We used to enjoy our sing-along time in EYFS in our golden time! Follow the links to have a really good dance and sing along:

‘How far I’ll go”

‘You’re Welcome’

‘Under the Sea’

Can you follow along with the ocean song, can you add actions or sound effects using pots and pans and other things that can make a tune?


Could you design and label a mode of transport from your imagination? What would it need to have?

What types of land would you like it to travel on, over or through?


Can you create your own snail companion from paper? Use the video and/or template to help you.


Relax and unwind with some yoga from Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids -

Take part in the daily Joe Wicks School Gym Workout at home, why not see if your adults and siblings will join in

Could you make up your own game to raise your heart rate?



Look at the pictures of Victorian transport, what do they look like? How do you use them? How do they work? 


Could you use the free app called Pic Collage to create a photographic piece of art – choose a theme and take your photos and create a collage. Make sure to share it with us!

Could you take a photo yourself to upload to Tapestry of something that made you smile this week?

Can you use the emojis to log into Wonde and Education City yourself?