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This section contains supportive resources for the Learning Project options available to EYFS pupils for Week 2 & Week 3. These activities are designed to be completed over a two week window, so please take this into consideration when selecting your activities at home.

The options for Week 2 & Week 3 are:

Understanding Our World

Can you think about a fruit or vegetable? How does it grow? Where does it grow? Could you find out about how it grows? What does the seed look like?

Look at your bean, does it need anything to help it grow? 

Does it need water or more sunlight? Can you see any changes?


Can you draw the fruit or vegetable plant that you have researched? Can you draw the fruit of vegetable that grows on the plant? What does it look like inside? What colours can you see?



Take part in cooking activities at home. 

Have you got odd vegetables left in the fridge? Could you make some vegetable soup?

Could you design a recipe for a vegetable soup? What would you put in it?


Relax and unwind with some yoga courtesy of Cosmic Kids 

Cosmic Kids -

Can you take part in the daily Joe Wicks School Gym Workout at home, why not ask your adults and siblings to join in. These are uploaded daily to Joe’s Youtube channel

Could you make up your own game to raise your heart rate?



Look at some old photographs you have in your house.

Who is in them?

What are they doing?

Where are they?

Can you see what season it is? 



Could you take a photo yourself to upload to Tapestry of something that made you smile this week?

Can you use the emojis to log into Wonde yourself?

Could you take some pictures of the challenges you are completing?