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Learning Project - To be completed throughout the week

Here is an overview of tasks I’d like the EYFS children 

to be completing at home over the next 2 weeks. (Week 5-6)

Understanding Our World

Can you look at the file ‘Supertato Fruit and vegetables’ it is all about describing differences and looking at similarities of fruits and vegetables. Supertato has a game for you to play.

(Find the game resources below to download)


Can you have a look at a piece of fruit or a vegetable – we are going to explore it and talk about it. 

Maybe you could do this before a mealtime, helping your adults prepare a meal. Find the investigation template in the resources.


Write in your Bean Diary (Each week – long term project as it grows)

Please send us your bean’s progress on Tapestry, we would love to see how they are growing.

Is your bean growing? What has happened so far? Can you draw and label a picture of it?


Supertato Wordsearch Activity



Look at the artist Giuseppe Acrimboldo. He made paintings using natural objects to create faces.

Have a go at drawing a face using fruits and vegetables as features. Do you have any magazines at home that you could ask an adult if you could use to collage your picture? You could have a go at making an animal face as well.

Can you design your own Super Vegetable? You could draw, paint, collage your idea.Maybe you can turn your favourite fruit or vegetable into a superhero.

Could you make your own Pop art words? Use words like ‘smash’ and ‘bang’ ‘whoosh’.



Could you make a trap for Supertato to use to trap the Evil Peas? Could use Lego, or blocks or junk model?

Can you design your own Superhero cape? Could you make it out of paper?

Can you help in the kitchen to prepare your meals? Can you name the foods you are using?



Can you play the bean game? Take it turns to shout out a type of bean and do the actions 

(See downloadable instructions below)

Relax and unwind with some yoga from Cosmic Kids

Take part in the daily Joe Wicks School Gym Workout,. Why not get your family to join in.


R.E – See tab for resources and activities

History – Can you research about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you find out how old she is? Can you remember where she lives?

 ICT - Could you take your own photo, to upload to Tapestry of something that made you smile this week?