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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


Tuesday: LO: To sequence and create a timeline of the history of anaesthesia

Tuesday: LO: To take in my natural surroundings on a scavenger hunt

Wednesday: LO: To research John Tenniel, and produce a piece of artwork inspired by him.

Thursday: PE

Our wonderful PE coaches from Discovery Sports will be uploading an activity to YouTube which will be posted here. You can choose your own sports activity - just get active! It might be, cosmic yoga, Just Dance, a Joe Wicks workout, scooter or bike ride or a walk

Your mental health and well being is also very important. Whilst learning from home use this as an opportunity to learn a new skills such as baking, cooking, origami or knitting!

Why not try the 'Maths on the Move' activity sheet below. You can practice your maths skills whilst being physically active. 


Thursday: To identify the positive and negative aspects of using the internet.