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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


Learning Project – To be completed throughout the week

Here is an overview of tasks EYFS children can complete at home over the next two weeks.

Understanding Our World

Watch this episode of Octonauts  - pause the video after 10minutes (the first episode)

Talk about what happened in the episode, can you remember who helped Kwazzi Kitten to clean the Gups?

Could you design a poster to show all about pilot fish and what they do?

Can you describe a pilot fish? What do they look like?

Lots of animals help each other so they can both live a happy life, pilot fish help keep sharks and big fish clean. Who helps the hermit crab in 'Sharing a Shell'?

In 'Finding Nemo' Nemo and his Dad live somewhere special, can you see where their home is? 


Write in your Bean Diary (Each week – long term project as it grows)

Please send us your bean’s progress on Tapestry, we would love to see how they are growing.

Is your bean growing? What has happened so far? Can you draw and label a picture of it?



Can you draw some swirls on some paper. Use different colours. Try making a swirl using a clockwise pencil stroke and then make some swirls that are formed with an anti-clockwise movement. This really works our brains and fine motor skills.

We loved your fish made from your hand, can you use this skill to make a hermit crab?


Our music focus is patterns this week. Can you use clapping, stamping and other actions and make a pattern? Create your pattern, can your siblings or adults join in with your pattern/ continue your pattern?

Can you follow this dance routine to ‘Under the sea’?

Dance along with a cast of crabs:


Design an even bigger shell for the hermit crab, what do you think he could have inside of his shell?A lounge, a football pitch?

What would be on the outside, would it have a pattern? What colours? What shape would the shell be? Why?


Squish the fish:

Relax and unwind with some yoga from Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids -

Take part in the daily Joe Wicks School Gym Workout at home, why not see if your adults and siblings will join in

Could you make up your own game to raise your heart rate?


Have you been to a beach before? Was it in this country? If not where was it? Did you go in the sea?

What can you remember about your day? What did you see there? Did you see any animals? Talk to your adult about your trip.



Why not use the free app called Pic Collage to create a photographic piece of art – choose a theme and take your photos and create a collage. Make sure to share it with us!

Could you take a photo yourself to upload to Tapestry of something that made you smile this week?

Can you use the emojis to log into Wonde and Education City yourself?