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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


This term we will be learning all about Allotments. This will tie in to lots of our subjects such as the science behind plants and how they grow; where different fruits and vegetables are grown all over the world and what healthy treats we can make and design for ourselves!



Research 10 pieces of fruit / vegetables and identify their country of origin on a map. You could colour code the areas by creating a key. I have attached a map you may choose to use below.

I’d love to see some of your fantastic maps- you could either email me – or tweet us @year5bsm / @bostonstmarys



Take a look in your garden or take photos on a socially distanced walk; sketch a scene and try to identify some of the different plants / trees you come across. Have you noticed which plants attract certain animals or creatures?



Research pollination and create a fact file. It’s up to you how you present this, it could be in the form of: poster, leaflet, PicCollage, PowerPoint etc.



Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining what plants need in order to grow and survive. There are lots of website links that may help you – such as BBC Bitesize and there are also lots of child-friendly videos on Youtube. If you prefer, you could use your research to make a poster on paper – just remember to make it look beautiful!



Please access one of the links below and complete the workout / dance. I’d love to see some of your fantastic moves! – Oti Mabuse – Joe Wicks