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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

The Collection

We had a very enjoyable trip to the Collection museum in Lincoln on 11th December. We were able to amaze the museum staff with our knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons. 

As well as doing some archaeology, we were able to dress-up in the type of clothes being worn by Anglo-Saxons in Lincolnshire 1500 years ago. They had woolly tunics and dresses to keep warm and also a linen undershirt made from flax. It was worn near to the skin because it wasn't as itchy as wool and didn't shrink when washed. Women wore keys on their belt because they kept a close watch on the family chest where the valuables were stored. 






We carried out an autopsy on a copy of an Anglo-Saxon skeleton before making replica combs. Warriors had long hair but slaves had short hair.