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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Religious education

Our first topic of the Advent term was called 'Families' and Year 1 produced some amazing work. In the picture above you can see their response to the words of Psalm 63 in which we hear of God's love and care for each one of us. The children re-told the words of scripture through a series of freeze-frame thoughts, and illustrated the verse 'You care for me like a mother hen cares for her baby chicks' with hand-print pictures.   

Why not try an activity at home linked to the topic? Make a collage using family photographs of all the significant family members—grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles etc. who show God’s love. Write underneath it “We show God’s love to one another.” 


Our second RE topic was called 'Belonging' and was about the sacrament of Baptism. We found out and re-told the story of Jesus and the little children from Mark 10, verses 13 to 16, using paper bag puppets. We have also learnt to recognise the key actions and symbols in a Baptism by using a story map. 


Why not try an activity at home linked to this topic? Talk to someone who has been to a Baptism about their memories of this celebration.

Our other faith topic this term has been about Judaism. We have explored the stories of two famous Bible heroes, Abraham and Moses, who are important ancestors for the Jewish people as well as being important characters for Christians. 

Our final topic of the Advent term is called 'Waiting' and it is all about the period of preparation for Christmas. Year 1 considered how they can get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus by demonstrating acts of Advent love. 

The boys and girls worked together to make an Advent wreath:  

On 16th December, the boys and girls found out about the Christingle, and made their own. The resources for this activity were kindly provided by Holy Trinity Church: