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Religious Education

Monday 18th January 2021-LF4

L.O: To recognise and talk about some of the feasts of Our Lady. (Challenge 1)

L.O: To describe some of the feasts of Our Lady giving some reasons for her actions.

Today we will be learning about Mary and her special Feast days we celebrate throughout the Church year. 

There are two well known Feast days:

the Annunciation which we celebrate on 25th March and the Visitation which we celebrate on 31st May.

Your task is to create a fact sheet about Mary and in as much detail as possible, describing what you know about her feast days. Describe how we can follow in her footsteps and give reasons for them.

Here are some sub-headings to set your work out:

  • Who was Mary and why is she special?
  • When do we celebrate the feast days of Mary? 
  • Who celebrates these feast days and why?
  • How can we follow in the footsteps of Mary?


Thursday 21st January 2021 - LF5

Today, we will be learning about the psalms. We will be thinking about how we can live out the words of some of the most well known psalms.  

No resources are required for challenge 1.