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LO: To describe why pilgrims go to Lourdes giving reasons for their actions and linking these to Christian beliefs

Create a Powerpoint answering these questions
What is Lourdes?

Where is it?

Why do Christians go to Lourdes?

There are five special signs at Lourdes:
1) The water: many people who go to Lourdes bathe in special baths in the water from the spring.

2) The rock of the grotto: pilgrims like to touch the rock of the grotto where Our Lady stood

3) Light: at night, there is a candlelight procession and all day there are candles burning in front of the grotto, reminding people of the light of Christ.

4) The crowds are huge, coming from every race and nation, young and old, sick and healthy. Lourdes is a true experience of the Church, a gathering together of all the scattered children of God. 
5) The sick are given a special blessing every afternoon. It gives them comfort and their helpers also gain from the experience of being with the sick and serving them as Christ cared for the sick when he was on earth.