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This week we are starting our new topic which is all about choices.

To begin with, this week we would like you to read this short story and then think about the questions underneath.

Key Questions:

  • What do the words choice and consequence mean?
  • What choices can you find in the story?
  • What two choices did Mum give Paul?
  • What do you think Paul said to his Mum?
  • How do you think Jane felt when she heard what Tom said, and what Andrew said?
  • How do you think Paul felt?
  • What were the consequences of Paul’s choice?

Next, have a go at this PSHE/RE activity all about choices and consequences. Read the different scenarios and think about each possible choice. What do you you think the consequence of each choice could be? On the last scenario, you are asked to think of a possible choice of your own.