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As we have just celebrated Easter, your task is to find out more about the story of Jesus' Resurrection. 

Here's two accounts from two of the Gospel writers to get you started:

Write a diary entry from the point of view of one of the women who found the empty tomb. Use lots of descriptive vocabulary when you describe what she experienced and how she might have felt. 

Example paragraph:

Dear Diary,

Early yesterday morning, myself and two friends arranged to visit the tomb where they had laid Jesus' body. We arrived just as the beautiful morning sunrise could just be seen above the rolling hills. We had bought with us a range of oil which we intended to use to help preserve Jesus' body. The moment we arrived however, we knew something was not right... The stone which had been placed across the entrance had been rolled away! felt nervous but together we bravely tiptoed on and peeked through the opening.

bold = first person

underlined = past tense 

itallic = details about feelings