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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


Monday 8th February 2021

LF2: L.O: To recognise and talk about parts of the Gloria giving examples of how I might live these out (Challenge 1)

L.O: To describe parts of the Gloria and how I might live these out, giving some reasons for my actions (Challenge 2)


You can listen to the Gloria being sung by clicking on the link here 

Key Questions:

Do we stand or sit during the Gloria?
Is the Gloria sung or said?
What times of the year is this prayer not said or sung at Mass?

Why do Christians want to give glory to God?

Which are your favourite lines of the Gloria and why?

What does it say about God and about Jesus Christ?

Download your activity below and don't forget to send a photo of your completed work via Teams or to our class email account.


Thursday 11th February 2021 (LF3)

C1: L.O To recognise how we should live after listening to God’s word.

C2: L.O. To describe how we should live after listening to the Good News, making links to scripture.