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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


This week we will be focusing on finding out all about Advent.


Sunday 29th November marked the first Sunday of Advent, a special time in the Catholic Church. Advent is a time of preparation and counting down the days to Christmas- Jesus' birthday.

 This week we will be making our own Advent promises and creating our class Advent calendar.

Monday 30th November 2020

1. To create an Advent promise.

What will you promise to do this Advent? Think about....

  • How can you help others at school?
  • How can you help at home?
  • What might you try to do during Advent to be a good Christian?

2. Colour the Advent wreath carefully, be sure to colour the candles correctly.

Can you add information around your advent wreath to show what you have learnt about Advent. This will make an information sheet all about Advent.

Mrs Williams will be choosing one to be added to our RE display at school so make sure you send a copy to 

Thursday 3rd December 2020

In your last RE lesson in school with Mrs Wright, we started learning about the Jesse Tree which is a symbol of Advent. Throughout Advent, we can add symbols to a Jesse Tree which remind us of the people in Jesus' own family.

Following on from a liturgy held in school last week, each class has been tasked with designing two symbols to be added to a whole school Jesse Tree. The symbols Year 3 have been asked to create are 1) For Moses and the Ten Commandments and 2) The Visitation (when Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth - you'll learn more about this when you're back in school next week). 

Watch these videos to learn more about each story:

  1. Moses and the Ten Commandments -  (2:25 onwards is specifically about the 10 Commandments, but the whole video will teach you a little bit more about who Moses was and why he was so special). 
  2. The Visitation -

Your tasks today:

Challenge 1:

1) Design two symbols, one to present each story.

2) Talk about your favourite of the two stories with your grown up and in your own words, remind them who the story was about and what happened.

Challenge 2:

1) Design two symbols, one to present each story.

2) Retell your favourite of the two stories in your own words. You can be creative with how you do this - it's up to you. You could do it simply by writing the story, you could ask an adult to video you re-telling it verbally, you could design a storyboard or you could even try writing it as a play script.

  • The symbol template is attached below along with some examples to help you.
  • Remember to try really hard with your symbols. Keep them neat and make them colourful. Mrs Williams and Mrs Wright need to choose one for each story to add to the whole school display.