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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


LO: To describe how I and others can live out the Good News of justice, and can describe how we can ‘live justly’ giving reasons for actions and linking these to Christian beliefs.

Write an letter to Bishop Patrick, describing  what the world would look like if all people lived out the Good News of justice Jesus spoke about. Use the phrase “God sent me to bring the Good News” to show the advice could be lived out to make the world a better place. Give reasons why people should act this way, and link these to Christian beliefs.


Use my example to help you....

Dear Bishop Patrick,
I am writing to you to describe how I and others can live out the Good News of justice.
Jesus spoke about this, and we sing a hymn in school called "God's Spirit is in my Heart" that links to the scripture.
One way we can live this out is.........
In the hymn, we sing "He sent me to give the good news to the poor". The good news means the message of Jesus, and telling people that Jesus loves them unconditionally. We have to be brave when we share the good news, like Micah and Lydia, as some people might doubt us or believe in something different. We help people who are poor by raising money to them or donating food to them (such as during Harvest Festival). In the story......

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