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Monday 22nd February 2021- LF4

L.O: To recognise and talk about what happens during the Preparation of the Gifts

 L.O: To describe what happens during the Preparation of the Gifts, giving some reasons for the words and actions.

Today we will spend some time learning about the Preparation of the Gifts.

Can you remember seeing (or even taking part in) the offertory procession at Mass?

This is when the bread and wine are taken up to the altar ready to be prepared for communion.

Do you know what the Gifts are?

Do you know how they are prepared?




Do you know the special names given to these?






Thursday 25th February 2021 - LF5

Today we will be thinking about the story of the Last Supper and about the Eucharistic Prayer which the priest says at Mass, as well as how these two things link together.

You can watch a video about the Last Supper here: