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Monday 1st February 2021- Explore and Big Question (Mrs Williams)

Today we begin our new topic of Listening and Sharing

L.O: To explore, discuss and compare with others my own and their ideas about sharing with one another. 


In our lesson today we will read and listen to the story of Stone Soup. Have you heard the story before?

Key questions:

•What do you think of the villagers?
•Why were they afraid to let the man into their homes?
•What started the sharing?
•What lesson did the villagers learn?
•What is the cost of sharing?
•What are the joys of sharing?

We will be finding out about a local charity based in Boston, called Centre-point. Have you heard of this charity before? This is a charity which has a special place in our heart, a charity which we support throughout the year at school.

Centre-point supports the homeless locally as well as those who are lonely and vulnerable. Let's find out  more about this wonderful charity.

Download your challenge below.


Thursday 4th February 2021 - LF1 with Mrs Wright

Today, we will be learning about the first part of Mass which is called the Introductory Rite.