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As we are coming towards the end of our topic on Journeys this week we will be focusing on

Monday 25th January 2021

Learning Focus 6: 

L.O: To talk about and describe different prayers and hymns.

In our lesson this week we will be exploring various prayers and hymns, have a think about what are your favourite prayers and hymns?

Perhaps you could listen to these two hymns at home with your adult using the link below. We have sung these in school before:


Faher, we adore you link

Our God is an awesome God link

How do these hymns make you feel? Are they similar in anyway? They use repetition, words are repeated. Perhaps if you choose challenge 3 today when you write your own verse for a hymn, you could use repetition.


Can you discuss these questions with your adult at home?

  • Why is prayer important in Christian life?
  • What are your favourite prayers and why?
  • What helps you to pray?
  • How can we help others with our prayers?
  • What does prayer lead you to do?


With your adult at home, can you think about what we should thank God for?

  • Nature, grass, flowers.
  • Seasons.
  • Families, for their love.
  • History, ancestors.
  • People.
  • Jesus.
  • Life in all its fullness.
  • Peace, love, safety, joy, happiness.

Your challenge today:

Challenge 1: With an adult write your own prayer using words and pictures.
Challenge 2:Write your own prayer based on the theme of thanks and praise.
Challenge 3: Write your own hymn verse- giving reasons for your choices.
You can write this by hand, type it or use pic collage on your tablet or ipad to present your prayer using words and pictures.
Let us reflect on our RE topic of Journeys:

Don't forget to upload your work to Teams or send us a photo of your completed work to our class email account we would love to see your work.

You can view our slides below for the lesson to recap our lesson from today.