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R.E. - Gathering

Thursday 11th February

This week we continue to look at the Parish Family gathering for Mass.

We always start our R.E. session with a prayer and a song as we gather together and prepare for our learning. 

Our song this week is: My Lighthouse

Our prayer is: 

Dear God, 

Thank you for the technology and the Internet, 

to enable us to gather together and share in our learning.

Please look after our friends, family and colleagues,

and give us strength until we can gather together again.



We listen to God’s Word when we gather at Mass. 

"Jesus loved everyone, he was kind and gentle. Parents and carers brought their children to Jesus for him to bless. Some people thought the children should not be bothering Jesus. But Jesus loved all the children and said, “Let the children come to me.” So, the children gathered round Jesus and loved being with Jesus.  Jesus loved the children."