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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


LF2: L.O: To describe ‘The Gift of Jesus’ and make links with Christian beliefs.

Read through the Powerpoint, making sure to pay close attention to the scripture. Take your time to reflect on the questions asked before completing your final task: Describe the things Christians do that match the words in the hymn. Make links to what Christians believe about God.


LF3: To describe the gift of Jesus, giving reasons for why we are grateful.

Read through the powerpoint and use the youtube link to listen to the hymn. Choose one of the tasks from below-

Challenge 1: Illustrate the hymn ‘My God Loves Me’. Stick the words in the centre of the page and illustrate around the edges.

Challenge 2: Write a letter to God, thanking Him for the gift of Jesus. In your letter, describe some of the things that Jesus did for us and give reasons for why we are grateful.

e.g. he taught us to pray, he gave up his life for us, he gave us the opportunity to go to Heaven…

Challenge 3 -  Same as challenge 2, but also trying to make links between some of the actions of God and Jesus and other stories from the Bible that you know,

e.g. Father, we are so thankful for the gift of your son, Jesus, since he has shone his light to lead the way for us by example; just as Mary his mother did when she accepted her mission in a humble way at the Annunciation.


My God Loves Me Lyrics


My God loves me, His love will never end.
He rests within my heart for my God loves me.
His gentle hand, He stretches over me.
Though storm-clouds threaten the day, he will set me free.
He comes to me, in sharing bread and wine.
He brings me life that will reach past the end of time.
My God loves me, his faithful love endures,
And we will live like his child held in love secure.
The joys of love as off’rings now we bring.

The pains of love will be lost in the praise we sing.