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New topic:  Our world

Suggested song to start your session: 'He's got the whole world in his hands'

Suggested prayer to start your session: 

Walk lightly

Each leaf, each petal,

each grain, each person,

sings your praises,

Creator God.


Each creature on the earth,

all the mountains and great seas

show your glory,

Spirit of love.


And yet the hand of greed

has patented and plundered

your splendour,

has taken and not shared

your gift,

has lived as owner of the earth,

not guest.


And so

the ice is cracked

the rivers dry,

the valleys flooded

and the snowcaps melt.


God our Father, show us

how to step gently,

how to live simply,

how to walk lightly

with respect and love

for all that you have made.


Linda Jones/CAFOD

Talk about the pictures below with your adult. What can we do to take care of God's world?

What can we do to help other people in our world?

Think about what we have done at school to help our world, can you remember the Harvest festival? Can you remember about what Fairtrade means?

Break the word into two parts to help you:                'Fair'                      'trade'

What do those words mean?

What do you think Carmen and her family need? Do you think she would get to go to school every day? 

Why not try and make a Fairtrade Banana  and Honey Smoothie this week!

Suggested song to end your session: 'Water of life'

Suggested prayer to end your session: "Global neighbours"