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This week's R.E lesson is continuing to focus on: Pentecost: The celebration of the Good News of Jesus.

We suggest you can begin your R.E session with this prayer and song:

Father, pour out your Spirit 

upon your people,

and grant us

a new vision of your glory,

a new faithfulness to your Word

and a new consecration to your service, 

that your love may grow among us,

and your kingdom come:

through Christ our Lord. 


(Prayer of preparation for Vatican II)


A suggested song to begin this R.E session is:

The Holy Spirit

After Jesus had gone back to his Father in heaven, his friends were sad.  They missed him.  They felt lonely and afraid without him.  On Pentecost day, they were all together in the house.  Crowds of people came to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast. The friends of Jesus did not go out to join them.  They stayed all together in the house.  They talked about Jesus and remembered what he had told them.   As the wind filled the room, they began to feel different.  Joy and happiness filled their hearts.  It was wonderful.  They knew that Jesus had kept his promise to send a new friend, the Holy Spirit.  “Let’s go out and join the crowds.”  Peter said.  “Let’s tell them the Good News that Jesus is alive.”

 Based on Acts 2: 1-4

Can you talk about these questions?

  • How did the friends of Jesus feel after he went back to his Father?
  • Have you ever felt like that?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • How did the friends of Jesus feel?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do after the coming of the Holy Spirit?

Could you make a simple kite to see the wind outside working around us?


 A song to finish your R.E session:

Lord of the Dance