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Thursday 28th January 2021 - Geography

Today we will be learning about how to design a map. We will use a key to show roughly where certain features and attractions are in the popular tourist destination of Athens. We will also learn how to use a grid reference to read a map. 

Remember the rule, along the corridor and then up the stairs! 

Friday 29th January 2021 - Art, Design and Technology

Today we will look at different illustrations of a variety of Greek gods and goddesses. Your task will be to draw, colour and label your own design for an accessory for a Greek god or goddess (e.g. a crown, tiara, bracelet, sword, shield or sceptre). If it is possible and if your grown up at home is happy for you to do so, you could try making your accessory using any resources you have access to at home. Please do send us some photos of your designs and/or creations!