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Phonics Links and Resources

Parent tips:

A small change – turning on subtitles – can make a big difference! Research shows that turning on subtitles in the same language as the TV show or film can improve children's reading skills.

Ask open-ended questions throughout your day relating to the sounds we are learning and the tricky word focus.


Read Write Inc. 

How to say the sounds

Ruth Miskin have restarted their YouTube sessions to help with your remote learning:

Phonics sessions with Ruth Miskin

Monday 1st February Set 1 - j  
Tuesday 2nd February Set 1 - v  
Wednesday 3rd February Set 1 - y  
Thursday 4th February Set 1 - w  
Friday 5th February Set 1 - z  
Monday 8th February Set 1 - x Set 2 - ay
Tuesday 9th February Set 1 - sh Set 2 - ee
Wednesday 10th February Set 1 - th Set 2 - igh
Thursday 11th February Set 1 - ch Set 2 - ow
Friday 12th February Set 1 - qu Set 2 - oo-poo at the zoo

We have learnt all of the Set 1 Speed Sounds. 

We are learning Set 2 Speed Sounds, we have currently learnt  'ay', 'ee', 'igh', 'ow' and 'oo'.


Phonics songs

Phonics alphabet song

Do you like broccoli?


The following websites contain numerous games & activities designed to develop and refine your childs' phonics knowledge over the course of the academic year:

Phonics Bloom - Phase 1 Activities

Phonics Bloom - Phase 2 Activities

Phonics Bloom - Phase 3 Activities

Teach your monster to read  

Tricky Word Trucks - Phase 2 All HFW


Remember you have a log in for Teach your Monster to Read!

Congratulations to Ann, Angel and Tolu for their certificates!