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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School



As this week is Children's Mental Health week we are celebrating with Place 2Be. Their theme this year is all about expressing yourself creatively. We will focus on recognising the different ways we can express ourselves creatively.

Click on this link to check out their website for super ideas. 


Do you know what express yourself means?

It is about finding creative ways to share our feelings, ideas and thoughts through creative ways like art, music, writing, dancing and doing things which make you feel good.


It is important to express ourselves healthily. We know how to keep our bodies physically healthily i.e eat healthy, exercise etc But it is important to keep our minds healthy- we can do this by noticing how we are feeling and sharing our feelings and thoughts.

How do you feel when you are creative and you are expressing yourself?

 We want you to get creative to help celebrate Children's Mental Health Week: