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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Multicultural Month

As part of Multicultural month, Year 5 have taken part in some exciting and interesting activities. As a class with lots of different backgrounds, we have shared our cultures with others, giving reasons for our culture's beliefs.

Initially, we looked at American food culture and had a cooking lesson with Mrs.Adams. We baked some delicious donuts... after tasting them, we understood exactly why they are so popular in America!

We also researched Chinese New Year and decided to create our own Chinese lanterns. We made these using brightly coloured card and decorated them with traditional Chinese artworks- such as blossoms and Chinese dragons.

 Finally, we researched Totem Poles and how they are used to display wealth in families. We identified the different animals/creatures commonly found on totem poles such as Killer Whales being used to symbolise strength. From this, we decided to create our own Totem Poles in order to display our individual characteristics.