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Here are all the activities you will need for your maths learning this week. 

As always, if there are any questions then please feel free to email me at   

This week our focus is Decimals.

You can also use: 

Times tables rock stars

Maths factor

Hit the Button



Rounding numbers with 1 or 2 decimal places to the nearest whole number.

Follow the video below for guidance - don't forget our rounding rhymes!


To compare decimal numbers.  Complete the sheet attached - remember to consider the value of each decimal- it may be helpful to draw out numberlines.


To order decimals from smallest to largest. Complete the sheet below and make sure to check your answers! If you are struggling, remember to draw out a place value grid to compare the values of each decimal point.


To add and subtract decimal numbers. Complete the sheet below.

See the song below - its actually very helpful but is sure to give you a smile too. Warning: can become annoying after the 10th time of hearing it!


Complete the decimal code breaker - 'The mystery of the locked cupboard.' Remember to read the instructions very carefully and use the knowledge you have from previous work this week. Good luck!