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On this page you will find your Maths activity for each day of the coming week.

This week, our focus is on telling the time.

On Monday, you'll start with an activity to help you practice your five times table. Why do you think the five times tables are helpful when learning about telling the time? You could turn this activity into a bit of a challenge! How fast can you complete the five times table challenges? There are three levels of difficulty to choose from on the downloadable sheet below. Also, why not make a bit of a diary about your day using time vocabulary? Think about: when you get up, when you start learning, when you take a break, when you have lunch, when you read and when you go to bed. Can you use language such as o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and perhaps even begin to use five or one minute intervals? You could think too about how long you do each activity for.