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This week we are going to be learning about place value and starting to add some numbers together.

Monday - Look at the pictures of the tens and ones cubes. In the boxes write how many tens or ones cubes you can see. After you have done this read out the number to show that you recognise the number.

Tuesday - Today you are using the signs for greater than, less than and equal to (>, < and =) to compare numbers. If you need help to remember which column is tens and which is ones you can write it in. Remember the crocodile always eats the biggest number.

Wednesday - Today we are focusing on our number bonds to 20. This means that the two numbers need to add up to 20.  e.g. 12 + ? = 20 would be 12 + 8 = 20 because 8 added onto 12 is 20.

Thursday - Today you are adding 3 1-digit numbers together and writing the answers in. Remember to put an answer in all the boxes.

Friday - Today you will be solving word problems to do with place value. remember you can show your working out on the side.